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Just thought I would show off this icon that I made. No fancy moving around or anything but I think it is cool non the less.

If you have not seen a movie called "Meet the Hollowheads" then you need to go and see it as soon as posible.

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LISA-MARIE PRESLEY was forced to placate JANET JACKSON at a high-profile party held for her former sister-in-law - because she was adamant guest MARILYN MANSON was the "devil".

The controversial shock rocker terrified Janet with his appearance, but the ex-wife of her troubled brother MICHAEL greeted his presence with an entirely different response - when she realised she was in the company of her heavy metal idol.

Presley says, "I went with Janet Jackson to her record release party. He (Manson) came backstage with BILLY CORGAN. (Janet) was flipping out because she thought he was the devil.

"I was completely star-struck. I had a crush on Marilyn during his MECHANICAL ANIMALS phase."


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"Sweet Dreams" featured in Enron documentary.

Based on the book by Fortune reporters Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind, "Enron" details the company's journey from innovative Wall Street superstar to the epitome of corporate corruption.

The film features interviews with the journalists who broke the story, insiders who provide damning analysis and the whistle-blower without whom Skilling and company might have gotten away with it all.

Gibney's use of music is witty, juxtaposing the company's fantastical accounting with Marilyn Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)."

The soundtrack for "Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room" is scheduled to be released at the end of May.

Read the article at: www.dailytrojan.com


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DITA VON TEESE is desperate to put on a special strip show for British royal PRINCE CHARLES.

The voluptuous burlesque dancer wishes she had performed a revealing routine for the Prince during his stag night before his marriage to CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES earlier this month (09APR05) - even if she is dubious of his new bride.

Von Teese - who's engaged to shock rocker MARILYN MANSON - says, "The royals are so racy. I'd love to get it all out for Charles. I would have preferred to do it when he was with Diana, because I'm not so sure about Camilla.

"She was always the 'other woman', and I've never been a husband thief myself. I'm a good girl really, and I'm not fond of women who steal other people's men.

"But I would have loved to have done Charles's stag party."

Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/
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How are you all geting theas awsome layouts withought paying anything? I heard something about coads but where would you put theas coads? If anybody has any layouts that they don't want anymore, pleas let me know! I am a bit desprate.

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This time I've just made a bunch of varieties of the different symbols through mansons time.
This was requested by atom0001, but I also thought it was a good idea myself and I think there are others who might be interested too. None from the spooky kids era, sorry, I was just too tired (and there aren't too many pictures from that time either).

[Antichrist Superstar, 3]
[Mechanical Animals, 2]
[Holy Wood, 3]
[The Golden Age of Grotesque, 3]

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