Filled with secrets (till_we_die) wrote in ginger_monkey,
Filled with secrets


Shock rocker MARILYN MANSON will launch his own fragrance next year (06).

The TAINTED LOVE singer will join a host of stars with their own brand of perfume including BRITNEY SPEARS, JENNIFER LOPEZ, BEYONCE KNOWLES, PARIS HILTON and HILARY DUFF.

And he admits to taking some of the inspiration for his currently unnamed scent from the fashion-art collaborations between SALVADOR DALI and ELSA SCHIAPARELLI.

Manson says, "I'm in the final stages with one of the major companies"

I don't like the way they mentioned all those blond pop idols in relation to him, but he is doing this so...
I always liked Dali, can't wait to see how this turns out. Please let them ship it to Norway (lol)
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