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Hello. I apolligize for not being able to LJ cut this thing but I am having a bit of trouble with the LJ cuter thingy. Don't know. Anyway this is a dream I had that I want to make into a movie. It was ment to be a movie in my dream. I will have to change some things around later. I have posted this here instead of in my other journal because there are a few people who wouldn't apreciate it in my other journal. Anyway here it is for you all. Don't read it if you don't want to! It is up to you!

Here we go. Ok so the dream starts at the end of the movie. There is this kid, maybe uper teens or lower 20s, who is walking down the stree with a stuffed animal in his arm. I have decided to call him Jack. His face is all messed up. He is defformed. He keeps talking at his stuffed animal. Telling it different things. There are sirens blairing all around him but the kid doen't seem to be paying any atention to them. He gets to his trailer and goes inside. He sits down and talks to his stuffed animal some more. Just about randome things. The police kick his door in and he doesn't move. One of the police grab him and Jack slaps an acid pach on the man's arm. He trys to pull it of but it won't come off. The rest of the police grab Jack and pull him out of the trailer. Jack just keeps laughing and laughing. "You can't take it off right! HEHEHE! Pretty soon you will be like me!' Ect ect. Anyway the picture goes blury and white and we go back in time! Having fun yet? Check this out. Ok so we see this same defformed kid in Elementry School. He is being teased and beat up every corner he turns. Even the teachers and principle and his parents, everyone is mean to him. One day in class he finds ten markers. On one side of each marker is a strip of color that doesn't make any sence. On the other side there is a name for each marker. I don't remember the names sadly. Anyway each marker is clear when you write on paper with them. When he lays the markers down next to each other with the collored side up he can tell that they are conected. Then he sees that the markers come apart. They slide off each other and conect in wierd ways. I can't realy explain it here but Jack sees the potential puzzle and works and works on it. He gets marker on his hands from time to time as he goes and it takes him years before he figures it out. When he finaly gets it he is much older and he looks much better. Here is the confusing part. He looks great! He look perfect. This is his own image of himself that ocurs when he is high on the wierd drugs that are in the markers. Theas markers (we find out later) are seperated into different catigories of chemichals. When the wrong two mix they can be deadly but if you get it right then it makes this powerfull drug(And that's not deadly? Hm... Ya didn't think so). Somehow now he has finised the puzzle and it starts spraying the chemichal out. He gets it in his eyes. That's what I remember but I don't remember if he did that on perpous or not. Anyway, he is in shock at this point. He gets into the bath tub (probobly trying to get the burning stuff out of his eyes) but then he just stays there. He is under the water but he just sits there and his eyes close. He just lyes there all night. Then in the morning he wakes up again. He climbs out of the tub and he leavs any color that may have been in his skin behind him. The acid has burned it out of his system. The bath tub is now flesh colored. He steps into jacket which by the way is awesome. I want one just like it. It is sort of a mix between the nightmear before christmas and something else. Sort of like that but different. Anyway he is now going punck. This acid is runing through his veins and he has this new power of sorts. He has the super adrenilin rush. He feals stronger and more powerfull then ever. That is what the drug is doing to him. He goes around and starts geting revenge on all the people who teased or were mean to him before. This part of the dream was a bit foggy so just a bit of movie magick could fix that up. That is where we took off in the begining. The police are chasing him but this time you see him as he sees himself and not as everyone else sees him. He has the full puck look and a beutyfull face that is that pure white that other goths and pucks crave. He is the picture of punk and goth mixed. Anyway he walks to the trailer and he is taking to this animal(who he must have aquired at some point during the dream that I don't remember) but this time the animal is talking back to him. It is pretty crazzy. It ends the same way.

Now that I am reading over this I think I won't post it on my main journal but I will post it on the Manson Journal. I was actualy thinking when I woke up that with a Manson sound track and what not this movie would be awesome. There are still a lot of missing pieces but I think that I can fill those in on my oun.
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